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U.S. College Dorms Make You Feel Like a Royal (Update: 8/23/2016)

College Dorms Are Not What You Think A recent post on Quartz titled “More US college students are living a life of indolent, hedonistic luxury” indicates the designs of on-campus dorm rooms have been revolutionarily changed to accommodate the tastes of new international students. What Should Modern College Dorms Have? Here are what to expect […]

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31 ways to cut your college costs

As an international student, your tuition will be much higher than that of an American who is a resident of the state where your public-supported school is located.     If you attend a private school, your tuition will be the same as others.    However, a private college, no matter it is a non-profit […]

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moving off campus

7 things to consider before moving off campus

  Content below is based on an article published by Alexa Gahan, USA Today, August 4, 2015.   This article addresses factors that you should take into consideration before moving off campus.  These factors include: Location: think about what the benefits are for the off-campus location. Rent and utilities: they become your responsibilities and you […]

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