Forbes Magazine recently published a list of the 20 most popular cities that international students searched for from September through December of  2016.  Of these top 20, only two U.S.  cities are on the list.  However, with less than 4 months of data collected, we feel that it is too early to conclude that this reflects a growing trend.   The info revealed in this Forbes’ article could be misleading.

“The data was compiled by student accommodation specialists, which collated inquiries via its website,” according to the Forbes’ article.   However,  we think this survey could be subjective.  For example,  it is quite possible international students already assume that  U.S. schools offer quality residence halls as well as an abundant supply of off-campus options to choose from.  For this reason alone, those students who understand this may not have even bothered to search on during that period of time.

The fact that many popular top U.S. schools are not in major cities could be another reason for the result.   Here are ” The 20 Most Popular Cities Among International Students” per Forbes’ report.  Keep in mind that this list could be deceiving.

  1. London, UK
  2. Sydney, Australia
  3. Melbourne, Australia
  4. Liverpool, UK
  5. Brisbane, Australia
  6. Manchester, UK
  7. Glasgow, UK
  8. Sheffield, UK
  9. Birmingham, UK
  10. Los Angeles, USA
  11. Nottingham, UK
  12. New York City, USA
  13. Coventry, UK
  14. Paris, France
  15. Leicester, UK
  16. Montreal, Canada
  17. Bristol, UK
  18. Edinburgh, UK
  19. Leeds, UK
  20. Cambridge, UK


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