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Study Abroad-never the same

Which Countries Are Most Affordable for Studying Abroad?

Costs, cultural differences, language barriers, safety concerns, as well as degree programs offered are all important factors that influence where a student decides to study abroad.  Considering that total cost is often the most important variable in choosing a school, we provide you with data from three independent sources. Each of these lists the most affordable countries for pursuing [...]
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rankings-Public University

See the Value in U.S. Schools -from “Reuters Top 100: the World’s Most Innovative Universities – 2016”

Let's take a look at world university rankings from another perspective - innovation.   This is where U.S. higher education is second to none.  This is why you come to the USA even after Trump officially becomes President. (We know many of you may hold  bad opinions of Trump due to his bigotry and racism.) [...]
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best community colleges

Top 39 Community Colleges Worth Your Money

Source: WalletHub Looking for the best community colleges?  The growing popularity of community colleges has never been underestimated.   Nowadays, the number of international applicants for community colleges is increasing a lot faster than that for 4-year colleges and universities. WalletHub compiled data from more than 821 community colleges and revealed U.S. community college rankings.   […]

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most international students

Open Doors vs U.S. News – Most International Students

According to Open Doors, an annual publication focusing on the analysis of international students in the U.S., the total enrollment of college students (Americans included) was 20,300,000 during 2014-2015.   Compared with that number in 2013-2014, the figure was down almost 1 million students.   However,  international student enrollment continues to grow. During 2014-2015, there […]

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Whose Graduates Get Highest Salaries? (updated: 12/6/2016)

This post is based on a report titled “Elite Liberal-Arts Colleges Aren’t Producing the Highest-Earning Elites“, by Bourree Lam,, 11/4/2015. According to the, a new analysis by the Wall Street Journal which used data from U.S. government’s the College Scorecard website indicates interesting but somewhat expected answers about college graduates’ earnings. The analysis […]

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