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Top Worldwide Team

Meet Our Heroes

Without them, we could not have gone this far.   Every one of them has been contributing his or her efforts and time to who we are today. and the super team are committed to delivering our services with —

01. Quality

Delivering quality services to build up a strong word-of-mouth (WOM) referral.  This is not an act but a habit.  None of our advertising can be more powerful than the voice of our satisfied and loyal customers.  After all, quality in services is what has made our business sustainable for over 25 years.

02. Strategy

Having all the admission materials and requirements is usually not enough to secure a spot in your dream school.  A well-executed strategic plan, as offered by us, can boost your chances of getting admitted.   Remember, thousands of competitors from all over the world are trying to push you out of the way.

03. Passion

Our passion for helping the younger generation access higher education goes beyond words.  This explains why we constantly improve and strive to develop better service modules for our customers’ needs.  We love marketing and promoting education.  And it shows!

Our Heroes

Worldwide Team Of Top Professionals

Ebrahim H.

Chief Technology Developer

Country: Egypt

In 2015, he became a top-rated programmer and the CEO of the State Studio, a startup in Egypt.  At the time, he was only 15. Ebrahim is truly a child prodigy and with his great social skills and outstanding high-tech knowledge, he has been one of the biggest and most crucial contributors to our continuing success.

Mohammad Z.

Chief Web Developer

Country: Bangladesh

Mohammad started his career as a full-stack web developer in 2010 after graduating from college.    With his profound understanding of computers, networking, and programming, he brings our website’s aesthetics to a new level.   Mohammad works around the clock to build our site with additional dynamic features.  With Mohammad’s and our team’s contribution, we are the pioneers of college application services.

Pavel L.

Web Developer & Engineer

Country: Russia

As an engineer, Pavel is very precise with meticulous web-developing details.  Once he gets a project, he can sketch the big picture of every little specific step to get the job done in the shortest possible time.  He is amazing to work with.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Pavel.

Tiago Abner

Business Analyst

Country: Chile

Tiago’s business mind makes him a great candidate to talk about our business projects with.   He patiently listens to our needs and possesses the keen ability to analyze a situation from different perspectives.  He tackles our tasks with precision and we are happy to have him on board.

Rena Chen

Graphic Designer

Country: Taiwan

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design from the esteemed University of Washington, she continued to work on her studies in Game Design.  Rena is in charge of our projects for graphic effects and has become an essential member of our team

Euphoria Gray

Content Marketer & Editor

Country: U.S.A.

Euphoria holds a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Washington.  She also has medical certificates from Harvard and UCLA.  She and two medical students from Harvard and Yale teamed up and won the third place in the Global Surgery Hackathon held by the Harvard Medical School.


Teenu D.

Web Developer

Country: India

Taking care of a new-born baby and dealing with hectic coding as a web programmer at the same time could be a huge challenge for anyone.  However, this does not bother Teenu a bit.  She has her own unique style which ensures our projects are completed on time and within our budget.  She has proven to be a valuable member to our worldwide team.

Gabriela B.

Interpreter (Spanish)

Country: Costa Rica

This graceful lady has a beautiful name “Gabriela” and we call her Gaby.  She works as a nurse but has a part-time job as an English teacher.  She translates our projects from English to Spanish, which is her native language.  She always delivers her fantastic work in a timely manner.

Purvi P.

Interpreter (Hindi)

Country: India

Purvi is an experienced web developer and designer, but she was initially introduced to us as a translator.  She came to our rescue when we needed someone to translate several web pages from English to Hindi.  She epitomizes what a true professional should be like – always concentrating with laser-like focus on what has to be done for the common goal.

Aya G.

Interpreter (Japanese)

Country: Japan Currently residing in California, USA with her husband, Aya has a teaching certificate of Japanese as a Second Language and can teach students from elementary school to higher school levels.  She does an awesome job in proofreading and editing our projects in Japanese.

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