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  • 27 years of college admissions experience
  • Worldwide team support
  • Efficient communications on your behalf
  • Continuous update on application status
  • Meticulous process made simple
  • Flexible service plans to suit your needs
  • Handling of personal data with care


From application consulting to enrollment, we are with you all the way.  Get in touch for a 20-minute online consultation.

1. College Admissions Consulting

2. U.S. College Primary Search

3. Analysis before Applying

4. Writing Editing

5. Communication after Applying

6. Housing/HomeStay Arrangement

7. Airport Pickup Arrangement

Core Values

What We Strive For

Sustainability is the ultimate foundation of our daily engagement.  In order to build a long-lasting business, our philosophy of sustainability incorporates the following essential elements:


We believe that it is the essence of a successful business.  Without it, nothing matters.



Turning complexity into simplicity is what we pursue. It is the greatness of expression.


We love what we do.  We do what we love.   It equips us with the drive to excel and the vision to lead the way.


Only through continuous learning and constant improvement can we achieve innovation and blaze a trail.


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