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Application Process


Before Applying

Before you apply to college there are many things to take into consideration.   We highly recommend you read the following helpful information before applying to U.S. colleges.

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When Applying

Applying to U.S. colleges can be expensive due to application fees. Fortunately, there are many ways an applicant can get these fees waived.  In order to increase your chances of being accepted, you must understand how college admissions officers prioritize applications.

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After Applying

What should you expect after submitting your application?   While you await your results, here is what we suggest.  Stay in touch with the school’s’ admissions officers, and know their names. They can keep you notified of your application status.  You can also improve your TOEFL (or SAT/ACT or GMAT) score if there is still time for it.

After Admitted (or Rejected)

You are accepted by some schools, yet rejected by others.    What are your options?  Read all acceptance and rejection letters carefully! These letters may include important information instructing you on how to proceed from here.

Before Attending

You are so thrilled about the admissions offers from a few schools.  But how should you evaluate the schools effectively, and make the best choice for you?    A school’s location, costs, academic quality, rankings, services to international students, facilities, campus safety, and quality of life should all be considered.

Please refer to the link below and read more info on “2-3 months prior to enrollment,” “3 to 7 days before your departure for the U.S.,” and “After Arrival at Your School.