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After Admitted


You are accepted by some schools, yet rejected by others.    What are your options?  Read all acceptance and rejection letters carefully! These letters may include important information instructing you on how to proceed from here.

If you are still in school (high school or college), the acceptance letters may have a list of follow-up conditions.  These include requests for additional documents such as your final transcript and diploma.  These extra documents may be needed for you to be officially admitted.   Think of it as reserving a seat on a flight, but there is no guarantee you have a seat until you check in and get your boarding pass.

Below is a list of links providing guidance for this stage of the application procedure.

After being accepted, you may start to imagine your life in the United States.  But be sure not to let the euphoria of the moment cloud your judgment.   You still have to do some work before you get on a plane.