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Read This So You Can Pick the Right College

News Source: Market Watch, August 17, 2017 Dr. Jacques Berlinerblau, the director of the program for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University, pointed out several common mistakes that most college students make when they choose their best schools to attend.  His new book, entitled "Campus Confidential: How College Works Or Doesn’t for Professors Parents and Students, [...]
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International Students in Most and Least States

International Students in the Most and the Least Educated States in 2017

WalletHub published "2017’s Most & Least Educated States" last month.   Based on their findings, we raise the following two questions: Are the most popular states to international students also the most educated states? Is the number of a state's top schools closely correlated with the state's ranking in "Most & Least Educated States"? In [...]
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10 States with the Cheapest Costs for Public Schools

Are you looking for the most affordable U.S. college to attend? In the 2016-17 academic year,  the average tuition and fees for international students are listed as $33,480 for private colleges and $24,930 at public colleges according to  The College Board. The table below is based on the College Board’s data.   We have also added […]

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International Students and Their Top Schools (updated: 9/19/2017)

Which American colleges are most popular to international students?   Which states host most foreign students?   Below is our collection for “International Students and Their Top Schools.”   The fact that students from some countries cluster in certain states is also revealed. Which States and Colleges Have Most International Students Click each state and greater […]

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