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Trump May Eliminate American Job Opportunities Offered to Foreign STEM Students

Foreign students majoring in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) are allowed to work for up to three years in the United States upon graduation from an American college or university. Originally, any OPT  (Optional Practical Training) program only allowed foreign students to work for one year after graduation.  However, the opportunity was extended for an additional two years for foreign STEM students. According to [...]
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Study Abroad-never the same

Which Countries Are Most Affordable for Studying Abroad?

Costs, cultural differences, language barriers, safety concerns, as well as degree programs offered are all important factors that influence where a student decides to study abroad.  Considering that total cost is often the most important variable in choosing a school, we provide you with data from three independent sources. Each of these lists the most affordable countries for pursuing [...]
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World’s Top 50 MBAs for Entrepreneurship 2017 by – 24 U.S. Schools Made the List

An MBA degree from a highly ranked American school can cost well over $150,000.00 in today's market.   This naturally begs the question “Is an MBA degree a cost effective investment?”  Well, this depends upon what your expectations are, the nature of your job, and what is expected of you in that position. Not all [...]
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World Reputation Rankings 2017 – See Which Countries with Schools Among the Top 101

The Times Higher Education has just published it's annual world reputation rankings for 2017.   The publication, "World Reputation Rankings 2017" is based on information collected by "the world’s largest invitation-only opinion survey" of leading academics. Each scholar participated in the survey named a maximum of 15 universities that they believe are the best research and [...]
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64 New Zealand Students Have Received Scholarship Offers from World’s Top Schools Totaling $12.4 Million in 2017

New Zealand students are surely outstanding!  Reading news like this makes people feel great about the world's future because of New Zealand's bright young generation. The New Zealand Herald, the largest newspaper circulation of all newspapers in New Zealand, published a report titled " Kiwi students win $12m in overseas scholarship offers from United States and [...]
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Best Values

Best Value Colleges in the U.S. 2016-2017: Comparison of Four Publications

Defined by Business Dictionary, a "Best Value" is "a tradeoff between price and performance that provides the greatest overall benefit under the specified selection criteria."   Which U.S. schools are the real "Best Values?"   Let's compare the lists from various media. Media used in the comparison table below are often quoted by most U.S. [...]
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