According to a report by Fox Business on Jan. 10, 2024, a recent study indicates that Americans hoping to secure a high-paying remote job might be disappointed due to a lack of momentum in the U.S. labor market.

The report states that a survey conducted by the job platform Ladder reveals that hybrid job opportunities with a six-figure annual salary high-saying jobs decreased by nearly 70% from October to December of the previous year, and high-paying remote positions decreased by 12%. On the other hand, in-person job opportunities with a six-figure annual salary saw a significant increase, rising by 93% in the fourth quarter of the last year.

John Mullinix, the Growth Marketing Director at Ladder, stated, “Positions with an annual salary of $200,000 or above are really driving the increase in in-person job opportunities, as companies want their highest-earning employees to collaborate and take on leadership roles in the office.”

According to the survey results, by the end of 2023, positions in the technology, healthcare, and operations sectors dominate the top 25 high-paying job opportunities. In the fourth quarter of the previous year, six-figure annual salary job opportunities in the healthcare industry surged, attributed by Mullinix to the flu season and the increase in respiratory viruses during cold weather.

He said, “Interestingly, there is an increasing demand for physical therapists in the healthcare industry. We also see an increase in positions for practicing nurses, which is likely due to the overall increased demand for healthcare professionals.”

The report also shows that by the end of the fourth quarter of the last year, Deloitte published the most high-paying jobs, followed by Tata Consultancy Services, Leidos, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), and HCL Technologies.

It is worth noting that shortly before the release of this report, the U.S. Department of Labor reported an addition of 216,000 jobs to the U.S. economy in December, indicating a gradual slowdown in the labor market.

Last month’s job growth was mainly concentrated in a few industries, with the largest increases seen in the government sector (52,000), leisure and hospitality (40,000), and the healthcare industry (37,700). Additionally, the recruitment numbers in the construction industry are on the rise. These increases helped offset the reduction in transportation and warehousing jobs caused by a sharp decline in the number of couriers and postal workers.