Let’s take a look at world university rankings from another perspective – innovation.   This is where U.S. higher education is second to none.  This is why you come to the USA even after Trump officially becomes President. (We know many of you may hold  bad opinions of Trump due to his bigotry and racism.)

Most Innovative Universities: America Leads

Last year Reuters listed its second “Top 100: The World’s Most Innovative Universities – 2016.”  In that publication, the top 5 school were all in the U.S.  Furthermore, 46 of the top 100 are U.S. universities.  Many top public U.S. universities were ranked within their state university systems, not the individual schools.   For example, the rankings viewed all nine schools in the University of California system as one entity, not nine schools separately.

Regarding the number of schools on the top-100 most innovative list, Japan came second with nine universities, and South Korea and France, tied for the third; both of which had eight universities listed. Germany clinched the 4th place in with six universities, while the United Kingdom took 5th  place with five schools.    Small European countries, famous for their prestigious higher education quality beat the world’s largest country – China. Belgium and Switzerland both had three universities, and Denmark had two on the list.  Israel, a tiny country in the Middle East, won 3 spots for their world-class technology advancement.

Ironically, China, with its huge population, vast territory, and tens of thousands colleges and universities, had only two schools among the top 100. They are Tsinghua University at #66 and Peking University #70,

The Reuters evaluates and ranks world universities by examining “if the educational institutions doing the most to advance science, invent new technologies and help drive the global economy.”

America’s Most Innovative Universities 

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