College Dorms Are Not What You Think

A recent post on Quartz titled “More US college students are living a life of indolent, hedonistic luxury” indicates the designs of on-campus dorm rooms have been revolutionarily changed to accommodate the tastes of new international students.

What Should Modern College Dorms Have?

Here are what to expect for some standard features for on-campus housing complexes at three top U.S. colleges – the University of Georgia, UC Berkeley, and the University of Arizona. According to Quartz’s report, the standardized features include:

  • The doors made out of top quality wood
  • Wall-to-wall carpet showing exotic design styles
  • Artistically illustrated rooms
  • Rooftop hotel-style swimming pool and hot tub
  • High-end countertops and designer cabinets
  • Body spray shower system and showerhead with Bluetooth speakers
  • Big flat screen HDTV
  • Outdoor community kitchen with professional BBQ grills
  • Electric vehicle charging station
  • Floor-to-ceiling glass windows
  • Outdoor volleyball court with stadium seating
  • Expensive and top-notch game rooms

College Dorms Should Make You Feel Like Home

These standardized room features make you feel like living in a kingdom instead of a college dormitory.   With the popularity of U.S. top colleges to international students, one can be sure that opulent dorm rooms have become another strong selling point for U.S. colleges.   The high-end dorm amenities may also have a great impact on the college selection for rich international students.  Who does not want to live in Utopia for a few years?

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