On-campus living is a sensible choice for international students for the first term after arriving in the U.S.   The main reason for on-campus living is because of its convenience, safety, and social activities.  It also allows international students to have some time to get used to a new environment before they move off-campus.

While living on campus, there are rules for all residents.   You should follow the regulations so you will not get kicked out.  Usually, the residential regulations are set up by colleges or universities themselves.  We gathered the campus-living policies implemented by many colleges and came up with a simple list as follows.

  1. No alcohol and no controlled substances or illegal drugs.
  2. No explosive materials or chemicals that can endanger the public’s safety.
  3. No gambling.
  4. No vandalism and theft.
  5. No materials which could cause fire hazards.
  6. No pets.  (Note: Some colleges and universities can allow pets for emotional comfort.)
  7. No smoking.
  8. No bizarre behaviors that disturb other residents.   Threatening or bullying other residents is totally prohibited.

Just be considerate to others and you should be doing well as an on-campus resident.