After you are offered an admission and enroll in a U.S. college or university, you have the responsibility to abide by the F-1 student visa regulation.   This means you have to perform at least at an O.K. level, meeting the minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) to maintain your international student’s status.

If you don’t meet the requirement and do not transfer to another school to continue your education within two months after you receive the release notice, you may be subject to deportation.

A report published on June 13, 2016,  by University Herald , Western Kentucky University was the center of news due to rejecting its 25 Indian students to continue in the Computer Science program for unsatisfied and insufficient academic performance.

In January of 2016, these 25 students entered the program with other 35 Indian students to the special computer program.   Those students were recruited by means of “spot admission” and received a tuition discount.

“Spot admission” is a marketing promotion tactic used by Indian recruiters for U.S. college admission.   After carefully arranged by Indian recruiters, representatives from U.S. colleges meet with prospective students in India and admit qualified students to the program at their desire.

According to University Herald’s report, the expelled 25 Indian students either could not do any computer programming or have low GPAs.  The troubled students even asked the school to bend its regulation so they could stay in the program.  Western Kentucky University finally had to ask the students to leave.

We admire Western Kentucky University’s act in protecting its academic integrity by saying “No” to low-quality students.

(Author: Tanya Gray; Editor: Thor Gray)