In terms of international student enrollment, the University of Florida (UF) is the #1 college in Florida and the #23 in the United States.  According to the international student data from the Open Doors, published by the International Institute of Education, in 2017 the University of Florida had 7,107 students from foreign countries.

Today, the UF released a video for international students.   In this article, you can first take a look quick glance at the school’s admissions, rankings, cost of attendance, and scholarships.  Afterward, watching the video will give you a better idea on why the UF is so popular among students from all over the world.


(1) Undergraduate
(2) Graduate 
(3) International 

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(1) #8 Public University in the U.S. News & World Report 2019 Best Colleges list.
(2) College of Business 
(3) College of Medicine 
(4) All rankin

Financial Issues:

(1) Tuition & Fees
(2) Scholarships


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