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For real, this is $70,000 a year for attending University of Southern California (USC).   Many USC students wonder why attending the private college has to be so expensive.

Just three days ago, USA Today published an article entitled “University of Southern California Tuition Hike Sparks Student Outrage.”    The tuition hike has made USC’s tuition more expensive than those top notch schools like Harvard, Yale, MIT and Stanford.

Is Tuition Hike Ridiculous?

We often say “You get what you pay.”   Is it really the case with the education at USC? Yesterday, an article, published by the San Diego Union Tribute entitled “College Tuition Getting Ridiculous?  Try U Tube,” quoted the answer why USC had to increase its tuition.   “When you’re competing for the best faculty in the world, that’s expensive,” says USC Provost Michael Quick.

Obviously, those USC’s students who protested against the tuition hike do not think the same.  In 2016-2017 academic year, the projected tuition and fees for a student to attend USC is $51,442.  Combined with the costs for room & board and other fees, it is about $70,000 per year.

Is USC Worth It?

Now, let’s compare USC, Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Stanford to see if USC deserves a tuition hike.


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