vsat Do you know that many international students had purchased their cars even before they came to the U.S.?    Thanks to modern technology, they could browse online to look for their future cars.   As soon as they arrive the United States, they already have cars ready to use.

Why should international students learn something about cars?

Owing to limited budgets, most international students prefer to purchase pre-owned or used cars. However, please be aware of the following issues if you do so:

(1) Dealing with auto repair shop: You may not know anything about fixing an old car so you have to deal with a car or auto repair shop,   Getting your car fixed in the U.S. can be a tricky or an unpleasant experience if you don’t deal with a decent repair shop.

(2) Replacing auto parts: Is the auto part you have to replace still in supply?

(3) Safety features: new cars are equipped with more high tech safety features that used cars do not have.

(4) May pay higher insurance: You have to buy car insurance and will look for a best or most affordable insurance rate.  “New car insurance can actually be cheaper because of increased safety features. Car insurance rates are determined partly by the expected damage to your car, and having more modern safety features lowers your rates,” according to DMV.org.

No matter you purchase a used car or a new car, you have other factors to consider:

(1) Dealing with driving regulations which may be different from your country’s.
(2) You may want to avoid buying certain car models because they are on the list of “most stolen cars.”
(3) Search for a car dealership’s reputation and the quality its follow-up service.


More Info on buying a car:

Just like choosing a college to attend, buying a car also takes careful scrutiny.    Below is what we have compiled for you.

(1) Learning something about driving in the U.S.
(2) Search online for buying and leasing a car
(3) Knowing which brands of cars are at risk for being stolen
(4) Leasing vs Busying a car
(5) How to rent a car or have a car rented?
(6) Consider a self-driving car

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