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Would you like to study abroad with hundreds of international students from your own country, thus allowing you to speak your mother language more often, or would you prefer to totally immerse yourself in the language of that country?

Most Asian students studying abroad prefer total language immersion. This is especially true of Chinese students who view English fluency as the ticket to succeeding in their studies and career.

During 2014-2015 academic year, the number of international studying in the United States had increased 10% over the previous year. This is according to the Institute of International Education publication Open Doors which provides annual data and analysis on international students in the U.S.

While many American colleges and universities are proud of the huge number of international students attending their campuses, they may not realize that just as many international students actually select less internationally diverse schools.

Below are the top 20 least diverse schools in the U.S.  This means that the majority students at those campuses are American students.  Below is an excerpt list of those schools provided by “These are the most and least diverse colleges in America,” published by in late 2015.

These types of colleges and universities are good for international students who want to be fluent in English before they graduate with their degrees.    The article states that a “campus ethnic diversity index” is used to measure the most and the least diverse colleges in the U.S.

The index’s value is between 0 (least diverse) to 1 (most diverse).

Here are top 20 schools on the list of “Least Diverse Colleges in the U.S.”

  1. University of New Hampshire: 0.15
  2. South Dakota State University: 0.15
  3. Michigan Technological University: 0.15
  4. North Dakota State University: 0.17
  5. University of Maine: 0.17
  6. University of Dayton: 0.19
  7. Montana State University: 0.19
  8. Missouri University of Science and Technology: 0.19
  9. Ashland University: 0.20
  10. University of South Dakota: 0.21
  11. Utah State University: 0.22
  12. University of Vermont: 0.22
  13. Not listed
  14. Ohio University: 0.22
  15. Duquesne University: 0.22
  16. University of Wyoming: 0.24
  17. University of Texas – El Paso: 0.24
  18. Univeristy of Montana: 0.24
  19. SUNY College of Environmental Science and Foresty: 0.24
  20. St. John Fisher College: 0.24

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