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Another school shooting, and we just don’t know when this fear will end.   Many people may ask why U.S. politicians enact laws to assist the gun manufacturers’ to gain profits but not to protect civilians’ lives.   Will more tragedies happen? How many will more lives be taken before politicians have serious action on gun control?

How Many School Shootings in the first 50 days in 2018? The answer is 18.   That means on average there is one school shooting every three days.

How Many School Shootings Have Happened from 2000 to Feb. 14, 2018?   In a report by Washington Post which was about last week’s school shooting, the reporter estimated there had been more than 188 shootings at schools and on college campuses.  Almost 200 students have been killed and another 200 were injured.

The school shooting in the U.S. is epidemic.   Just take a look at some serious shooting statistics from Wikipedia.

The Florida Shooter is a Trouble Maker.

People with mental problems or emotional issues can be spotted easily.  However, we rarely take it seriously to prevent tragedies from happening.  The killer who shot 17 dead last week could have been stopped long before he went on his shooting spree.

Below is what we have learned about the killer:

  • Name: Nikolas Cruz
  • Age: 19
  • He and his younger brother were adopted by a couple’s family.  Father of the family died of a heart attack 10 years ago, and the mother died due to the flu in November 2017.
  • He and his younger brother then went stay with a foster family.  His foster parents called him “a monster” but saw no sign of warning for the massacre.
  • He has been a troublesome teenager to his families and was also an abuser to his ex-girlfriend.
  • He was kicked out of the school where the massacre happened due to some disciplinary issues.
  • He has been suffering from depression and emotional difficulties since he broke up with his ex-girlfriend.
  • He purchased an AR-15 rifle and other guns.  His foster family locked the guns in a safe but he had the key to access the guns.
  • He posted disturbing images on social media about killing animals.
  • He may have a close tie to a white-supremacist group.

17 Lives Could Have Been Saved Because –

  1. FBI admits that it failed to investigate a tip-off in January 2018 that the killer Nikolas Cruz could plot a shooting at the school.
  2. Nikolas posted his guns and bullets on social media, but no one spoke out after his posts.
  3. The police were called to Nikolas’s home 39 times in the past 7 years, and the officers felt “something about him wasn’t right.”
  4. In 2017, there was a comment by the killer saying “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”   However, at that time FBI could not identify and locate the person who made the comment.

May Every School Kid Be Free from Fear

After the shooting, students and their parents across the U.S. are protesting against gun violence.  They demand politicians enact stricter gun control laws and a ban on the sale of assault rifles.

We hope every human being can be living in a fear-free society.  If Australia could stop gun violence twenty some years ago, the superpower U.S. certainly could have done the same.