(latest update: 3/23/2016)

India Tribute just had an article titled “Take a careful look before rushing abroad” to warn Indian students about blacklisted universities and low quality institutions in the U.S.

The article came out a few days after 14 Indian students were deported by the U.S. after they were in jail for three days.  The news followed by another incidence that 19 Indian students were stopped to board an Air India flight to San Francisco because their admission documents were issued by two questionable schools which were under FIB’s scrutiny.

In the article, the author indicated that many Indian students think to apply top 200 U.S. schools or to  apply “universities that feature in the top 100 on lists compiled by agencies like the Times Higher Education, QS Global Rankings and the Department of Higher Education” maybe is the answer.

Important: Your Homework on U.S. colleges

The above answer is true if the access to internet and U.S. college information is widely spread in India.    In 2014, the percentage of internet users in India to the total population in India is less than 30%.  This inconvenient truth presents an obstacle in the distribution of knowledge and information in India especially in the poor agriculture rural areas.

Why so many young innocent Indian students apply the two troubled low-quality San Francisco colleges which have been accused of visa frauds?   Aside from the lack of U.S. college information, there are three highly possible scenarios.    First, the students are introduced to the two colleges by some Indian (commission-based) agents.  Second, they met and trusted representatives from the two schools in at U.S. education fairs in India.  Third, they were baffled by the two schools’ website presentations.  All three scenarios could be stopped by careful scrutiny.

Studying abroad is a big decision to many in terms of the money, time and energy invested.  Be careful about your selection of attending a U.S. school so you will have a smooth, happy, and fruitful journey while you are so far away from home.

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