Source: Fox News, May 4, 2017
Article titled  “4 students accused of college admissions entry scam”

About 4 Accused Chinese Students

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Which U.S. Government Unit Arrested the 4 Students

The U.S. Department of Justice


Why the 4 Students Were Arrested

Yue Wang agreed to sit in and take the TOEFL exam for Zhang, Huang, and Cheng.


What Were The 4 Students Charged With

Conspiracy to defraud the United State

(1) The TOEFL exam is the standard test used by schools to determine the test taker’s English proficiency.  “The United States government also uses it during the process of issuing, extending, or renewing F-1 student visas,” Fox News reports.

(2) After Yue Wang allegedly took the exam in place of the other three, the false official TOEFL scores were used by Zhang, Huang, and Cheng to apply for admission to universities throughout the United States.

(3) The U.S. Department of State issued F-1 student visas to Zhang, Huang, and Cheng based on their I-20 forms (also known as admission documents) from Northeastern University, Pennsylvania State University, and Arizona State University.  Those I-20s forms were issued by the schools partially due to the false official TOEFL scores.

(4) “Illegal schemes to circumvent the TOEFL exam jeopardize both academic integrity and our country’s student visa program,” said William B. Weinreb, Acting Assistant U.S Attorney.

If Convicted, What Will Happen to Them

A sentence of no more than five years in prison, up to three years of supervised release and a fine of $250,000.

All these 4 students are subject to deportation after conviction and serving their sentences.

Advice to Chinese Students:


  1. 于美国国土境内,您若有违反其刑法事证,美国会将您视同其人民一般,接受其法院管辖,开庭、宣判、有罪服刑/罚款或无罪释放。在美国法律前,您与美国人一样,无国籍差别。
  2. 您于收到某校入学文件 (admission documents) 与接受信 (acceptance letter) 但未就读该校前,若此校发现您的申请材料做假,美国学校会取消您的录取资格。
  3. 您于某美国学校毕业取得学位后,若美国学校发现您有申请材料造假,或毕业论文/报告抄袭,则您已到手的学位亦可能被取消。
  4. 您于美国学校就读时,若美国学校发现您有申请材料造假,考试做弊、报告抄袭、违反美国刑法,做违反美国国土安全之事,您可能会被开除学籍/退学。
  5. 本报导中的 4位同学,一旦被判刑则将服5年以下有期徒刑,或3年以下监外察看的刑罚与美元$250,000 以下罚锾。服刑期满后,他们将被遣返中国。
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