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Are you looking for the most affordable U.S. college to attend?

In the 2016-17 academic year,  the average tuition and fees for international students are listed as $33,480 for private colleges and $24,930 at public colleges according to  The College Board.

The table below is based on the College Board’s data.   We have also added the information for International student enrollment.  The info is obtained from the Institute of International Education.

In the table, column 1 to 5:

  1. The state name followed by its abbreviation
  2. Tuition & fees for out-of-state residents (or international students)
  3. Popularity showing the ranking of the state
    in international student enrollment. (Washington, D.C. is also included in the ranking of the 50 states.  The last one in the ranking is ranked as #51. )
  4. The number of International students.  (Int’l is the abbreviation for International.)
  5. Most popular (top) public colleges

10 States with Cheapest Public College Tuition