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Safety On U.S. College Campuses


Safety on College Campuses

U.S. Federal Law on Campus Safety

“Federal law requires all postsecondary institutions that receive federal financial aid to report and monitor criminal offenses on their campuses. Each year this self-reported data is published by the Department of Education to help colleges and their communities understand the safety challenges that they face.”   (Source:

Online Resources & Apps

  1. Download smartphone safety apps – such as AppArmorbSafeCampus EyeCampusSafeCircle of 6, Companion.  Please refer to Sites & Apps for Crime Watch for more info.
  2. Use (online) crime search tools such as SpotCrime to learn crimes.   Once you type a school’s address and click the “Search” button on the website, you will see the last 14-day crime data around that school.
  3. Stay alerted.   Don’t allow your smartphone to distract you and let your guard down.   Don’t you often see college students walking and chatting or playing games with their mobile phones?
  4. You can use the keywords “campus police” or “campus safety” and do the searching on a school’s website.   There should be some safety tips from the school’s campus police.


More Tips for Your Safety

For more data and news on Campus Crime and Safety, please refer to the posts or news: