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Education Fairs

Education Fairs

We strongly advise international students to attend at least one U.S. or international education fair.  Why?   Because of the following:

  1. Talk to college or university official representatives for first-hand info without any commission-based agents in between.
  2. Some fair-participated schools may waive your application fees if you apply during the fair.
  3. There are some special scholarships or grants only available to fair attendees.
  4. You can attend seminars or presentations prepared by U.S. education experts or school representatives.

Please be aware that some education fair organizers may allow commission-based agents to participate in their fairs.  You just have to pay more attention to whom you talk with.  Are they just interpreters or are they commission-based agents?  Use your common sense and tell them apart.

Good Luck with Your Search!

(More fairs will be added to the list.)