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The Times Higher Education has just published it’s annual world reputation rankings for 2017.   The publication, “World Reputation Rankings 2017” is based on information collected by “the world’s largest invitation-only opinion survey” of leading academics. Each scholar participated in the survey named a maximum of 15 universities that they believe are the best research and teaching institutions.

We provide the following table to include the Times Higher Education latest rankings along with our online search of more than 40 independent international websites pertaining to those college students’ specific country of origin.   We have included the total number of leading colleges and universities (according to those countries) so as to better compare them with the the Times Higher Education 2017 world reputation rankings.

The header of each column from left to right:

  1. International Standing of a country with schools listed in “World Reputation Rankings”
  2. Country Name
  3. Total number of colleges and universities
  4. Number of schools in Top 101 on the World Reputation Rankings
  5. Number of international students

World Reputation Rankings 2017 – Countries with Top 101 Leading Colleges