Select Page published “Best Large Cities to Live in” every year.  After looking at the rankings of 2015 and 2016, and the major finding by in 2019, you may change your mind about some world-class cities in the U.S.  Here is what the “Best Big Cities to Live in 2019″, according to the website.

Source: WalletHub

Reading the rankings from 2015 – ‘The Best and Worst Large Cities to Live in 2015″- an author Elizabeth Kiefer wrote an article “This Ranking of American Cities May Make You Reconsider Where You Live.”  Below are some points she made that still stay true to this day.

(1) If recreation is important to your lifestyle, you may skip New York City.

(2) Detroit is not a good place to live if you consider its livability on the health front.

(3) Love to exercise as a biker?   You may want to move to Portland, OR or Seattle, WA.

(4) Do you want to find jobs easily?   Take a look at San Jose and San Francisco for high-tech jobs.   However, the best job markets also include Seattle, Dallas, and Tulsa.    You may skip Detroit for this factor.

(5) Want to make more than you spend or want to save money every month?   You may look at a place where income is a lot higher than your spending.  If you take this factor into consideration, New York City is not so attractive.

So where do you want to go for your college education?   Think ahead.