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Whose Graduates Get Highest Salaries?   Graduates from public or private colleges?

This post is based on a report titled “Elite Liberal-Arts Colleges Aren’t Producing the Highest-Earning Elites“, by Bourree Lam,, 11/4/2015.

According to the, a new analysis by the Wall Street Journal which used data from U.S. government’s the College Scorecard website indicates interesting but somewhat expected answers about college graduates’ earnings.

The analysis revealed that the median earning of graduates from half of the top liberal-arts colleges in the U.S. was below $50,000 U.S. dollars, 10 years after graduation.

“Graduates from top research universities fared better – most earned more than $50,000 at the 10-year mark, with a third making more than $70,000, ” says the

Please keep in mind that the College Scorecard data which were used for the Wall Street Journal’s analysis are only gathered from graduates who received federal student aid.   However, not all college students apply for federal student aid.

Whose graduates have the highest salaries?  Below is a table presented by

School Average Salary
1)Carnegie Mellon University
School of Computer Science
2)California Institute of Technology $83,750
3)Stanford University
4)Harvey Mudd College $72,500
5)New York University
College of Nursing
6)University of Pennsylvania
School of Engineering & Applied Science
7)Texas A&M University – College Station
College of Engineering
8)Massachusetts Institute of Technology $68,320
9)Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Institute of Technology (College of Engineering)
10)Georgia Institute of Technology
College of Computing
11)Cornell University
College of Engineering
12)University of Pennsylvania
Wharton School
13)University of Virginia
School of Engineering & Applied Science
14)University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
College of Engineering
15)Colorado School of Mines $65,831
16)Carnegie Mellon University
Tepper School of Business
17)Georgia Institute of Technology
College of Engineering
18)Princeton University $63,674
19)Stevens Institute of Technology $63,183
20)University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
School of Chemical Sciences
21)University of Michigan
Ross School of Business
22)University of Notre Dame
College of Engineering
23)New York University
Leonard N. Stern School of Business
24)Carnegie Mellon University
College of Fine Arts
25)Lehigh University
College of Engineering & Applied Science