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Photo: KKK night rally in Chicago (1920)
by Underwood & Underwood [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The seeds of White Supremacy/White Pride have been planted deeply for hundreds of years.  Through the democratization in the United States, the activities of White Supremacy have never completely died down but have expanded through a quiet route.   According to the Wikipedia, “White Supremacy was dominant in the United States even after the American Civil War and it also persisted for decades after the Reconstruction Era.”

Trump has lit the torches of White Supremacy since his presidential campaign in 2016.  Several major media sources have reported on Trump’s Effect and the recent boost of White Pride and/or White Supremacy across the United States.   Please note these incidences happen all over the U.S., including on college and university campuses.  The incidences listed below maybe is less than 1% of what really happened.

White Pride/White Supremacy Incidences