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Good news for Turkish citizens who want to come to the United States.    The U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Turkey, which once had halted normal visa services since October 2017, now has resumed its business.

Favorite Destinations for Turkish Students

According to the findings from Next Generation Research on Turkey, 49% of Turkish young people wish to study abroad.  11% of them prefer to study in the United States, 8% in U.K. and 6% in Germany.   It’s not surprising that Turkey remains to be one of the top 25 leading origins of international students in the United States in 2016-17 academic years.

Tested Relation between U.S. and Turkish Governments

There is skepticism in how the political relationship between the U.S. and Turkish governments will stand.  In a recent report of THE PIE NEWS,  the U.S. Embassy said it was satisfied that Turkey’s “security posture has improved sufficiently to allow the full resumption of visa services in Turkey.”

However, the Turkish embassy in Washington disagreed with the statement.  “Despite having been addressed earlier, we do not find it right for the United States to claim it had received assurances from Turkey and misinform U.S. and Turkish public,” says the Turkish embassy in a statement.

Optimistic Perspectives from the U.S. Officials

Even though there exists a rough relation between the two governments, the U.S. Embassy in Turkey truly believes that the Turkish students will keep choosing the U.S. over the other destinations as long as the visa services are open.

Resources for Turkish Students

If you are a Turkish and you want to study in the United States, there are some helpful resources from your U.S. Embassy’s website.   Good luck with your journey to the U.S.

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