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When it comes to selecting an undergraduate major, some people choose what they are really good at, some may choose what is the most popular, and most people may choose what can make them score big or select one of the highest paying jobs.

The following table that shows the majors for the highest paying jobs is gathered from three sources – PayScale, College Choice, and Business Insider.  Please note:

  • From the list of PayScale, some majors may have the same rankings.
  • The list from Business Insider only shows the median instead of the range of annual salaries.   Besides, it only shows the job titles instead of majors.
  • In each row, the rankings of a major and its salaries are indicated.
  • We listed the top 20 undergraduate majors each from PayScale, College Choice, and the top 25 jobs from Business Insider.   Altogether, the 50 majors (or jobs) with the highest earnings are presented.

The List of Highest Paying Jobs

Sources of Reference:

  1. PayScale: College Salary Report -Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees
  2. College Choice: 50 Highest Paying Careers for College Graduates 
  3. Business Insider: The 25 highest-paying jobs you can get with a bachelor’s degree