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After we published the “Top 50 Majors with the Highest Paying Jobs in 2016,” some readers asked us if we could do one about master’s and doctoral degrees.

Well, here it is.   Gathering information from 4 sources, we compiled the list of the “Top 50 Graduate Majors with the Highest Paying Jobs.”

The four sources are:

1. PayScale: ‘Highest Paying Graduate Degrees 2015-16.’

In our table, if the degree type is of PhD or MBA, it is specifically indicated.  The salary range in our ‘Top 50 Graduate Majors’ represents the range from ‘the Early Career Pay’ to ‘Mid-Career Pay.’

2. Fortune: ‘Best and Worst Graduate Degrees for Jobs in 2015.’

In our table below, the projected growth (in percentage) in jobs by 2022 and the median annual salary are presented for every job title.

3. US News & World Report: ‘Graduate Degree Jobs that Can Pay $100K – or More.’

The percentage of expected growth and the median annual salary are presented for every major or job position in the table.

4. : 11 Jobs that Pay $100K or More.
The reason why we chose to list GlassDoor is that GlassDoor is a website for job hunting or workforce recruiting.   It deals with everyday individuals and companies.
In our table, the jobs listed by are mixed for undergraduate and graduate majors.  Usually, when it is for a health-related title or position, it is referred to a graduate major.

Top 50 Graduate Majors or Jobs with the Highest Salaries


(Author: Tanya T. Gray; Editor: Thor Gray)