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A Forbes Magazine article entitled  “25 Expensive Colleges Worth Every Penny” can easily catch your attention if you are looking for a good school at an affordable price.

However, most of these kinds of reports are tailored toward American students’ interests and concerns, and not international students’.   This is because American students are much more likely than international students to have access to grants and student loans. This advantage alone can sometimes make college more affordable for them.

So, when someone says that an expensive school is “Worth Every Penny ”, understand that this statement may not necessarily apply to you.  Attending a top school can be a costly and unnecessary investment for international students. This is especially true for those who are from low-wage countries (assuming they are not going to work in the U.S. after graduation).

We have collected the latest information on the cost of attendance, graduation rates, and the average salary for graduates from 25 of the most expensive schools in the USA.  The first two sets of figures were obtained from The last figure was obtained from schools’ websites.

Take a close look at the table below, and decide for yourself if these 25 schools are really worth every penny. (Note: The “Top College Rank” is from Forbes Magazine’s “America’s Top Colleges 2016.”

Top Colleges May Not Be Worth It