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There are many things you could do to save a bundle on your U.S. college education. Below we provide you with many tips that could save you thousands of dollars on your room & board, traveling, clothing, books, and tuitions.

 Saving on Room & Board: 

  1. Find a roommate (or roommates) to share your rent but you need the permission from your landlord first.
  2. Only buy things you need, not things you want.
  3. Pay attention to stores’ promotions or special offers.
  4. Compare the price tags of a product you need in various stores around you.
  5. Ask your landlord if you could pay your rent 3 months, or half-year, or a year in advance to cut the rent.
  6. Using coupons wisely. (Coupons could be obtained at stores, newspaper weekend edition, your mailbox, or online.)

 Saving on Traveling: 

  1. Pay attention to airlines special offers and sales.
  2. Check to see if you could get a better price as a student.
  3. Carpooling with your friends and everyone share the gas money.
  4. Take a bus like Greyhound or Trailways instead of an airplane.

 Saving on Clothing: 

  1. Pay attention to “Garage Sales” or “Estate Sales” and go take a look to get something real nice at a cheap price.
  2. Buy old clothes at a “Good Will” shop or any second-hand clothing stores.
  3. Clothing stores usually have “Sales” at the end of a season.
  4. Buy from a factory outlet.

 Saving on Books: 

  1. Borrow your textbook from a library, a friend, or a classmate.
  2. Buy used (latest edition) textbooks.
  3. Check to see if you could get your textbooks cheaper online.

 Saving on Tuitions: 

  1. Ask your school for tuition waiver if you are a low-income student.
  2. Make sure you only take classes that you will not withdraw in the future.
  3. Study hard so you won’t repeat a class and pay again.
  4. Choose your classes wisely.   Make sure that you could handle a class before you register for it.