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(photo: Air India)

It is sad to see 14 unfortunate Indian students who got deported after being in jail for 3 days.   They were interrogated for 14-15 hours right after they arrived in the U.S.    Before the news went public,  other 19 Indian students were on their way to the airport where they would have caught a flight from India to San Francisco.     Too bad their American college dreams shattered even before they had a chance to be on board.

The 19 Indian students were stopped from boarding by Air India after the airline company learned that the students were going to attend two blacklisted universities – the Silicon Valley University and North Wester Polytechnic College, both based in San Francisco Bay Area.

Many of the 19 students’ parents are farmers and they spent most of their life savings to support their kids for better education opportunities in the U.S.

In order to avoid being deported by the U.S., you should apply colleges with good rankings for their reputation or state-support colleges for their affordability.    In fact, many accredited private colleges and state-supported colleges have high acceptance rates – close to 100%.  There is no need for you to apply a blacklisted university if your GPA is low, or you don’t have TOEFL,  SAT or GRE/GMAT.

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