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The Liberty Times, the #1 newspaper in Taiwan, recently reported on the international academic collaboration between two world’s best schools.
This win-win collaboration includes Kansas State University (KSU) and National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), which were ranked #353 and #540 respectively, according to the 2016 Center of World University Rankings.

Colleges of Veterinary Medicine at both schools

In the U.S., we often call a college of veterinary medicine a veterinary school or a vet school.

How Difficult is It to Get Accepted into Vet Schools?

It is VERY difficult.  In fact, it is more difficult to get into a veterinary school than it is into a medical school in the U.S.  This is because the number of veterinary schools is only 1/6 of that of the medical schools.
Of the 30 veterinary schools in the U.S., KSU is ranked #14 according to 2015 U.S. News & World Report.

Length of Study for the Joint Program

7 Years

How Will NCHU’s Students Complete the Program?

Three stages:

  1. Attends NCHU for the first TWO years of study
  2. Attends KSU as a pre-vet student for ONE year to fulfill all foundation and required courses for KSU’s graduate school – The College of Veterinary Medicine
  3. Attends KSU for four years, thus completing all requirement for degrees in Veterinary Medicine from both universities


Two TopVeterinary Medical Degrees in Less Time

At NCHU, it usually takes 5 years to finish a degree in veterinary medicine. Even so, an NCHU graduate currently does not qualify to take the professional veterinary licensing exam in the U.S.

At KSU it usually takes 8 years that includes 4 undergraduate years of pre-veterinary study, and another 4 years for graduate studies in a college of veterinary medicine.  Afterward, the graduate is then eligible to take the professional licensing exam.

From an NCHU Student’s perspectives

Only two more years of additional study is required to obtain a Veterinary Medical degree from one of the best schools in the U.S.and the World. This degree also qualifies graduates to take the professional licensing exam.  This timeframe is one year less than what most American students spend pursuing a similar degree.

Estimated Cost Per Year

Around $50,000 USD per year included tuition, fees, room & board.  NCHU students pay their tuition and fees to KSU while enrolled at the school.  By the time a participant’s goal is reached, he or she is expected to spend at least $250,000 USD.

If you would like to read the details in traditional Chinese, please visit the original report’s page – Click HERE.    (欲閱讀繁體中文版者,請連結此處。) reminds you:

There are some similar academic collaboration agreements that U.S. colleges and universities have with foreign schools.   Ask your college advisor about similar possible opportunities to study abroad.  This may save you time and money.