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What are Sugar Daddies and Sugar Moms?

According to Urban Dictionary, the definitions of Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mom (or momma):

Sugar Daddy: Older males are in their money making prime and young women are in their money needing prime and beauty prime. These three primes often converge creating the secret underground “older man being financially generous to beautiful younger woman” situation.

Sugar Mom: A woman who takes care of a guy financially.


Why Some College Students Have Become Sugar Babies

Early this year, a research on the campus of Temple University indicated there had been a remarkable rise in college female students seeking “Sugar Daddies” to finance their college education.   Male sugar babies are also on the rise.   This trend is happening not only in the U.S. but also worldwide.

Popularity “Sugar Dating“

Seeking Arrangement released its data on colleges and universities that were the fastest growing membership on its website.   The top three schools with most Seeking Arrangement’s sign-up numbers are:

  • Temple University: 296 students newly signed up
  • New York University: 244 students, and
  • Arizona State University: 163 students.

When a website named “” comes to your attention, you can naturally figure it out what the site is about.

The Rise of Sugar Baby University

Sugar Baby University: Where beautiful, ambitious people graduate debt-free.  

That is the final line of a promotional video released by Seeking Arrangement.  What a strange and unconventional way to graduate from a college without debt!

Just a decade ago, it would be hard to image that this type of commercial ads could ever have its market.  However, in the U.S. the college tuition and fees are rising at a faster rate than the financial aid and family income, according to the College Board.  Many college kids are looking for ways to finance their education.

To many young Americans, a college education has gradually become an overpriced luxury, no more a necessity.   Nowadays, having a college degree and being debt-free seems to be an achievement to many.  That is why a business like “Sugary Baby University” can exist and thrive.