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Mission Impossible?

Where It Happened   Who Committed the Crime?  Why They Did It

Because they wanted to get an easy “A” on their upcoming statistics exam.  How the Students Tried to Steal the Exam

  1. The first student crawled through air ducts to steal an exam paper from the instructor’s office.   He used file cabinets and other furniture as footholds to help him climb down from the drop ceiling.
  2. It was like in the movie “Mission Impossible” – “The craziest part? This wasn’t his first time! The student had successfully stolen exams via air duct trickery on three previous occasions,”  according to Cosmopolitan.
  3. The second student was waiting inside the school building for the first one to open the door to the instructor’s office.

What Were They Were Charged with?

  1. Both students were charged with felony burglary.
  2. The cases are headed to the Office of Student Conduct.

Understanding U.S. Laws & Regulations

  1. In the United States, laws can vary from state to state.
  2. By law, there are four types of felony burglary in Kentucky – from the most serious Burglary in the First Degree to the lightest Possession of Burglar’s Tools.
  3. Because no one was harmed during the felony burglary and it happened in a building, not a house (or dwelling), the two students were charged with Burglary in the Third Degree.
  4. Sentencing for Burglary in the Third Degree -up to 5 years in jail or $10,000 – depends on some factors.

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