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Safety & Crime



Campus and Local Crime Stats

Data from FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting are used to display the crime stats.    FBI’s most recently published data was for 2015.   An interactive map is added to the page so you can refer to every state’s detailed crime stats easier.  Please contact us if your school area is not listed.


Policemen on DutySafety & Crime in U.S. Cities

On April 11, 2012, two Chinese graduate students got shot and killed while they were in their BMW which parked one mile from their campus of University of Southern California (USC).    Two years later, another USC’s Chinese graduate student was attacked and beaten to death after an attempted robbery.


Safety on College Campuses

Safety on College Campuses

Federal law requires all postsecondary institutions that receive federal financial aid to report and monitor criminal offenses on their campuses. Each year this self-reported data is published by the Department of Education to help colleges and their communities understand the safety challenges that they face.”   (Source:


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Sites & Apps for Crime Watch

The crime data on U.S. campuses and cities can be easily obtained online.  Nowadays, there are ample resources for community safety.  Many free-of-charge mobile apps for crime watch are also available.  Below are some popular websites and mobile apps that we have gathered for our international students