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Safety In U.S. Cities

Policemen on Duty

On April 11, 2012, two Chinese graduate students got shot and killed while they were in their BMW which parked one mile from their campus of the University of Southern California (USC).    Two years later, another USC’s Chinese graduate student was attacked and beaten to death after an attempted robbery.  Your school’s location has everything to do with your safety in the United States.

No matter if you are about to choose a U.S. school to attend or will transfer to another U.S. college, one thing you need to collect is the info on crimes in the city or town where your future school is located.   Most colleges and universities don’t mention this in their marketing brochures or materials if their schools are around unsafe neighborhoods.  It is up to you to be sensible about your own safety.[Information for Your Peace of Mind

Below are what we have gathered from news and reports regarding city rankings in safety and livability.

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