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News Source: Market Watch, August 17, 2017

Dr. Jacques Berlinerblau, the director of the program for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University, pointed out several common mistakes that most college students make when they choose their best schools to attend.  His new book, entitled “Campus Confidential: How College Works Or Doesn’t for Professors Parents and Students, revealed why the common mistakes are made.

Key to Picking A Right College

Dr. Jacques Berlinerblau argues that the key to being able to pick a good school is “understanding the relationship between professors and students.”   However, college students and their parents make their selections based on commercial-oriented rankings or other factors.  “They’re looking in all the wrong places,” according to Dr. Berlinerblau.

Star Professors and You

Dr. Berlinerblau states that the star or very good professors are “firewalled from undergraduate students” by the administrative staff and by the professors themselves.  Though you spend big money at a prestigious school, you seldom interact with your professors.

Why Lack of Communications?

According to Dr. Berlinerblau, it is the tenure system to be blamed.  The system serves no one – not the professors nor the students, and it only incentivizes the faculty to focus on research.  Undergraduate students are not the center of this system.

Abandon College Rankings!!!

When you are choosing your best-fit school,  you should not rely on college rankings.  In fact, “The rankings have done tremendous damage to American higher education,” says Dr. Berlinerblau. has a page regarding “the pros and cons of using college rankings,”  Please refer to the article to understand why so many top U.S. schools say college rankings should be abandoned.

Factors in Your College Choice

You and your parents should also look at the following factors to pick a best-fit school for you.

  • Look for experiential learning: Your future college should allow “getting professors and students work together for projects that are meaningful to both.”
  • Class size: It should be small enough for one-on-one interaction.  When you have questions, your professors are there for you.  The accessibility of professors should be a crucial factor in your decision.
  • Free speech environment: Nowadays the freedom of speech is no more on college campuses.   Dr.Berlinerblau clearly expressed the importance of free speech as a human right.  We have seen articles like “Colleges have no right to limit students’ free speech,” and “the 10 worst colleges for free speech.”   Ask yourself “What good does a highly recognized school do if it can not allow students’ voices?”

For further info, please refer to the original news report “Most students overlook these critical factors when picking the best college.”