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#2 Plan-Advanced


This is the most popular plan – basic plan plus communication and application progress tracking which save you time, money, and energy.   Services will start within 5 to 10 workdays after purchase or you’ll get 100% money back.

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Our simple services Include:

  • Primary Search (12-20 schools)
  • Primary Analysis (12-20 schools)
  • Writing Editing/Assistance (within 500 words)
  • Application Form Assistance (1 school)
  • Communication (1 school)
  • Tracking Status (1 school)
  • Report application progress (1 school)

Services for additional schools can be purchased. Click here for every Add-on detailed pricing.


We can complete your college applications within 10 days. Limited time offer: 15-20% discount on some services by August 15. Dismiss