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Roommate Problems

Roommate issues

Do you ever live in an on-campus dorm or an off-campus house?  If so, you probably have experienced sharing a room with someone else.

How Do Roommate Problems Start?

Roommate problems all start with a lack of trust or respect, or begin with someone’s selfishness, either yours or your roommates’.    For example, you are a very neat and organized person but your roommate is a slob and leaves his belongs all over the room.   What would you do?

Common American Roommate Problems

Another common conflict that international students have with American students is about “Love” issues.   Your roommate takes his girlfriend (or boyfriend) back to your room where is the most comfortable spot on earth when you are away from home.   They make very intimate moves like you are invisible.   What if they even force you to sleep somewhere else for one night?

Different Schedules & Habits

What if you are a midnight owl watching your favorite late-night show while your roommate is trying to catch some sleep before an early-in-the-morning class to attend?   Your roommate yells at you and says “turn the f–king TV off!”

Physical Fighting!

It may sound extreme but bizarre things do happen between unhappy roommates.   In the past, many international students even got into a physical fight with their roommates due to personal differences or preference.

Dealing with Roommate(s)

How to get along with your roommate?   How to solve your roommate problems?  Here are some tips:

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