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Stats from FBI

Campus & Local Crime Stats

FBI: “The data used for this study reside in databases maintained by the UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) Program, which the FBI manages.” 


This campus & local crime search is based on FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting.    Their last publication used the data for 2015.  In the interactive map below, you can view the crime stats for college campuses, cities or towns in a particular state once the state is clicked.

If the data for a small town or rural area are not accessible, please refer to the data of its closest town.

Violent Crime is composed of four offenses: (1) murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, (2) forcible rape, (3) robbery, and (4) aggravated assault.

Property Crime includes (1) the offenses of burglary, (2) larceny-theft, (3) motor vehicle theft, and (4) arson. Cares About Your Safety