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The K. C. Mahindra Education Trust

was founded by the late Mr. K. C. Mahindra in the year 1953, with an objective of promoting literacy and higher learning in India. It is registered as a public Charitable Trust under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950.

The purpose of this organization is to “transform the lives of people in India through education, by providing financial assistance and recognition to them, across age groups and income strata.”

This scholarship is an Interest-free LOAN SCHOLARSHIP.  That means you will have to pay back all the scholarship you receive for your post-graduate studies.  Below is the detailed message of its application form:

REPAYMENT OF THE LOAN SCHOLARSHIP: The candidate shall repay the scholarship amount to the Trust within 24 months of completing the course or 48 months of receiving the scholarship, whichever is earlier, or such other expiry period as the Trust may in its sole discretion determine.

There are other conditions (as described in the application form) that you have to strictly abide by.

By March 31, 2017

  • An applicant is required to possess a First Class degree or an equivalent diploma of the similar standard of a recognized Indian University.
  • An applicant must have secured admission or at least have applied for admission in reputable foreign Universities or Institution.


How to Apply

  • Print out the application form
  • Fill out all required info
  • Send the form and other application documents by post to ‘K.C. Mahindra Education Trust, Colaba, Mumbai’

Fields of Study

  • Survey and Prospecting of the mineral resources
  • Alternate Sources of Energy, like Solar, Wind and Tidal Energy, and Bio-Gas Technology for rural areas
  • Oceanography
  • Off-shore Drilling
  • Harvesting of ocean wealth, like Sea-bed Mining, Fisheries and Exploration of other oceanic products
  • Water Management
  • Agricultural Research and Engineering
  • Transportation Economics
  • High-Tech, and Electronics
  • Any other emerging areas and industry.


Number & Amount

The maximum amount for the scholarship will be Rs. 4 lakhs per scholar, except for the 3 K.C. Mahindra fellow scholarships for which the maximum amount will be Rs. 8 lakhs per scholar.

Application Form

Please click HERE.    Materials or documents needed for the application are also listed in the application form.


  • Cecil Court, Mahakavi Bhushan Marg, Mumbai 400 001.
  • Tel.: (022) 2289 5526 / 2202 1031
  • Webstie


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