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Unlike American students, most international students have to spend hours and hours in studying to get good grades like native English speakers.  Getting good grades is helpful to those who want to have scholarships, assistantships, internships, or even job opportunities after graduation.   How to get good grades is an important lesson for international students.   Below are some advice from various media for your reference.

Tips for Maintaining High GPA

  1. How to get Good Grades in College (by University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
  2. Five tips to getting a great GPA (it’s not too late) 
  3. How to Get Straight A’s in College
  4. WiKiHow: How to get good grades (illustrated with photos)

Tips for Preparing for Examines

  1. Effective Test Taking Skills (by College of Saint Benedict and St. John’s University)
  2. Top 15 hot tips for prepping for final exams in college
  3. Twenty study strategies for finals week
  4. Ten tips for Terrific Test Taking
  5. General Test Preparation 

Tips for Relieving Test Anxiety