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Just about every school in the U.S. has a campus safety plan for its students to follow.   With the growing problems of crime on campuses, the importance of knowing what on- and off-campus resources that you could utilize to protect yourself can not be overemphasized.

As an international student, especially a female, you should:

  1. In the orientation for newcomers, pay close attention to what your school has to say about campus safety resources.
  2. Check to see if your school provide special (shuttle) service to keep students safe at night.
  3. Never ever walk alone.
  4. Don’t walk on dark streets.
  5. Be aware of your own weakness.
  6. Keep your door locked when you are alone in a house or building.
  7. Check your door(s) and windows are locked in the night before you go to bed.
  8. If a street light is out, report to your school or the authority.
  9. Have your cell phone handy just in case of emergency.
  10. Remember the locations of emergency phones on campus.
  11. Do not accept rides from someone you don’t know very well.
  12. After you are dropped off by taxi or a friend’s vehicle, ask the driver to wait till you get inside safely.
  13. Before and after you get out of a car, make sure that you are not followed.
  14. If you are followed, call for help or try to get other people’s attention or walk across the street with confidence and call 9-1-1.
  15. Carry a pepper spray or a whistle in your purse.
  16. Consider taking a self-defense course.
  17. Don’t invite people you don’t know well to your room.
  18. Let your good friends know where you are.

Online Resources & Apps

  1. Download smartphone safety apps – such as AppArmorbSafeCampus EyeCampusSafeCircle of 6, Companion.  Please refer to Sites & Apps for Crime Watch for more info.
  2. Use (online) crime search tools such as SpotCrime to learn crimes.   Once you type a school’s address and click the “Search” button on the website, you will see the last 14-day crime data around that school.
  3. Stay alerted.   Don’t allow your smartphone to distract you and let your guard down.   Don’t you often see college students walking and chatting or playing games with their mobile phones?
  4. You can use keywords “campus police” or “campus safety” and do the searching on a school’s website.   There should be some safety tips from the school’s campus police.

Other tips for staying safe on- and off- campus, please refer to the other links: