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One of our site users, who is an international student, had a great online chat with us yesterday.  He or she raised an excellent question and we would like to share with you.

We present the dialog exactly how it was recorded even some may contain misspelled words or typing errors.

(Dialog started)

Student: “im trying to search a blacklisted school” Why do you want to search for it?

Student: “stanton univeristy is this one of blacklist school ?” One moment, please.   Let me check.

(Silent for a while and we came back with an answer) I am afraid it is.

Student: “how can I see a full list for myself?”  “can you send me a link? to see all the schools?” Are you an international student?

Student: “yes” May I ask which country you are from?

Student: “i’d rather not say” I know many Indian students are in some blacklisted schools.

Student: “What is the standards of being on the blacklisted” You take a look at the list page.

Student: “who makes this list? and does this mean the list was made in the year 2015?” Many of the blacklisted schools don’t really give any classes.   Are you someone from this school?

Student: “no I am a student, but someone just told me about it and Im wondering how important it is for me to know. this school has classes and everything looks to be normal” Most of the blacklisted schools are what we called “degree mills.”

Student: “so how critical is this information, blacklist school/ I should not go to school who is on this list?” It is nice to know that you are such a careful student. Many did not do their homework like you.

Student: “Thank you.  have a good day.”

(Dialog ended)[/vc_column_text][vc_message]Where is the blacklist from?

Ans: the list is not from the U.S. Department of Education or USCIS (the unit monitors all international students).  It is from the past when scandals, scams, and frauds from those swindling schools.  The blacklist was naturally gathered in the process.

Why is Staton University not a legitimate university?

Ans: (1) judging from the school’s website – – it is a website like any company’s.  It does not end with .edu at the end.  Please pay attention to the websites of all legitimate colleges and universities in the U.S. (even some of them may have scams and frauds, too).  Their websites end with .edu, not .com.

(2) Wikipedia also lists Staton University as one of the “List of unaccredited institutions of higher education.
(3) In fact, Stanton University has been called a degree mill. (It gives degrees to its students even they don’t go to any classes.)  Once the school was in Hawaii and was ordered to close by the court.   Now, the school is up and running again in California.