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These ripoff reports could be found on  Just use keywords “colleges and universities” and click “search.

  • Below is the latest list of college/university scams and rip-off reports (by victims) in every STATE.
  • The report titles and reported dates (Month/Day/Year) are indicated.  (The year of 2016 is shown as 16, only the last two digits.)
  • For complaints or scams about any school’s nationwide online programs, the STATE of a report is determined by the location of a victim.
  • Complaints against a school whose branch is outside the U.S. or the victim is not within the U.S. are not listed in this post. (Example: ESEUNE Business Schools Scam of a Pseudo MBA in China)
  • We will update the list regularly.

Click on each state and its detailed info will show below the map.