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Look at this news article from the Science Magazine, published on Feb. 14, 2017.   What do you see between the lines?

Amid the uncertainty over U.S. immigration policy, one fact is sending a chill through U.S. higher education: Some U.S. graduate programs in engineering, Science has learned, are seeing a sharp drop this year in the number of applications from international students.

University administrators worry that the declines, as much as 30% from 2016 levels in some programs, reflect heightened fears among foreign-born students that the United States is tightening its borders. A continued downturn, officials say, could threaten U.S. global leadership in science and engineering by shrinking the pool of talent available to carry out academic research. It could also hinder innovation in industry, given that most foreign-born engineering students take jobs with U.S. companies after graduation.

We see HIGHER Acceptance Rates.   Do you see the same?    This is good news for international students who want to enter top U.S. schools.   Another door has opened for top schools.   For further info on this Science Magazine‘s article, please click HERE.