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 WARNING:   a Top-ranked College Could Be A School with the Most Reported Rapes.

In one of our previous posts, you have learned “The 29 things you should know about U.S. colleges and universities.”   Two of the “29 things” are “Several top-ranked colleges and universities have the most reports of rape” and “A top-rated college or university could be one of the most dangerous campuses in the U.S.”

Many schools would rather cover their crime reports on campus and off campus if they could.   Surprisingly, many schools don’t even deal with the on-campus rape as criminal conduct.  It is absolutely sensible to you, especially if you are female, to do the search on your own instead of just reading what a school’s ads say about its campus security.

“Future studies should measure sexual victimization among students who may be at greater risk for sexual assault, such as LGBTQ students, students with past histories of sexual victimization and students with disabilities,” says National Institute of Justice, a research unit of the U.S. Department of Justice.

(Note: LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer individuals.)

In mid-2015, the Washington Post published a survey article and found that “One in five college woman say they were violated.”

List of Colleges with Most Reported Rapes

In mid-2016, Washington Post analyzed the on-campus crime data from the U.S. Department of Education and found the following 10 schools have most rape reports in 2014.  We added the schools’ locations and rankings in for your reference.

List of Colleges with Most Reported Rapes Per 1000 Students

Another way of looking at the list of “Most Reported Rapes” is using a college’s reported rape number divided by the total student’s number then multiply 1,000 to get “Reported Rape Per 1000.”    This is a better indicator than just judging by the number of reported rapes.

(Author: Tanya T. Gray; Editor: Thor Gray)